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  1. Mona Lisa

From the recording L.O.N.


Mona Lisa
She Wishes she was mona lisa
Drives around in her daddy's car
never knowing just where shes going
or if this time she'll go to far
Shes distracted by the nights sweet music
where the wind blows all through her hair
and all she know's is her life is out there
it's right out there for her somewhere
She forgets sometimes just where's shes from
Forgives the people and what they've done
she doesn't think about how much she's crying
tonight i'm mona lisa; she's in overdrive
she sees her face, in the rear view mirror
she's sees the lines and wonders if they'll show
round her blue eyes that have seen it all
more than she's ever wanted to know
The Am radio plays her favorite song
reminds her of the times when she was young
the choices made and price she paid
innocence lost forever; on a summers day
mona lisa in overdrive
monia lisa in overdrive
mona lisa in overdrive
mona lisa; mona lisa