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  1. Take Me Down

From the recording L.O.N.

Take Me Down was another song we wrote several years ago that has seen a couple of versions that evolved into the song as recorded. Our bands first song to incorporate vocal harmonies combined with our classic sound, this song is one of our favorites.


When we go downtown
GEt in the car and we drive around
It feels so right
Were gonna make it last all night yeah
I see you smile
Have a laugh and a glass of wine
You looked so fine
Want to make it last a lifetime yeah
Take me down
And show me around! 2x

Times goes by
Never stop to wonder why
It's been a while
Since I've seen you smile yeah
You say goodbye
And it feels like it's for the last time
I ask you why
I thought it would last a lifetime yeah
Don't deny
Don't deny for the last time
Don't make me cry
Behind the truth is where we lie yeah